‘Inventor for Life’ is an exciting biography on the life of Dutch born American medical inventor Willem Johan ‘Pim’ Kolff M.D. PhD (1911-2009), the father of artificial organs.

With inventing the artificial kidney (the birth of kidney dialysis), contributing to the heart-lungmachine, implanting and developing the first total artificial heart, Dr Kolff opened up the era of artificial organs, one of the most important developments of medicine in the 20th century: replacing human body parts by machines inside or outside the body.

The inventions of Dr Kolff didn’t only save or restore millions of lives, his contributions to medical science started a new era in medicine, thus changing the very perspective of mankind. The book ‘Inventor for Life, the Story of W.J. Kolff, Father of Artificial Organs’, tells the story of how that happened.

Tens of millions of people all over the world owe their lives to medical devices that were invented by Dr. Kolff and the thousands of medical researchers and engineers who followed his lead. Now the story of the man who was responsible for opening the field, is being told in this book, ‘Inventor for Life’.

’Even without hope I shall undertake, even without success I shall persevere.’ - W.J. Kolff